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Cornerstone Alliance Inc. consists of over 500 participating
physicians, hospitals and ancillary providers.

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Contracting Guidelines



Payer Contracting Information Sheet


This document has been prepared to provide health plans and payers with relevant information regarding (1) the legal relationship between Cornerstone and its Participating Members and (2) Cornerstone Alliance’s general approach to contracting on behalf of its Members. It is provided to you for purposes of facilitating contractual discussions with Cornerstone.

To the extent this document describes the terms of the Cornerstone Membership and Participation Agreement, it is a summary only, and therefore this document is not legally binding on Cornerstone or Members.

This document is proprietary to Cornerstone and you are requested to treat it as confidential.


  • Cornerstone’s relationship with each Physician (as well as certain limited license practitioners and ancillary providers) is governed by a written Membership and Participation Agreement (“MPA”). The MPA contains, among other things, general terms and conditions for participation in payer contracts. Except as modified by a Product Description (next bullet) the MPA governs the Physicians relationship with a payer through Cornerstone.
  • For each payer arrangement in which a Physician agrees to participate, the MPA is supplemented by a “Product Description” that describes the fee arrangement and any terms of the payer contract that are additional to, or different from, the general terms and conditions of the MPA. The additional terms of the Product Description are binding on the Physician and control over any inconsistent terms of the MPA.
  • To effectuate the payer relationships, the MPA grants Cornerstone a limited power of attorney to execute payer contracts on behalf of the Physician with respect to those payer arrangements individually accepted by the Physician.

Physician Participation in Payer Contracts