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Group Medical Malpractice Program




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The cost of practicing medicine in the healthcare industry is increasing, while reimbursements from Medicare and third-party payers decline. The ultimate possible effect is that the balance sheet suffers and difficult decisions have to be made to ensure the viability of the practice. To assist members in the difficult road ahead, Cornerstone Alliance, Inc. is working with Huntington Insurance, Inc. to create a Medical Professional Liability Insurance Group Purchasing Program. The objective of this program is to provide affiliated practices with a comprehensive medical malpractice insurance and risk management program. This may improve the overall level of care and the physician balance sheet.

By being part of a large financial services organization, Huntington Insurance can offer one-stop shopping by providing a broad mix of products and services. Our professionals also specialize in small and large business insurance; property casualty insurance; and life and personal insurance in addition to our professional liability products and services.

If you have any questions, please contact Rick Loss at 419-720-7911 or Harold Bischoff at 419-996-5310.