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Statement of November 26th 2018

This note is to indicate that Mercy Health and St. Rita’s Medical Center Management are attempting to structure a means so that current Cornerstone Members can continue to receive payer contracting and credentialing services previously provided by Cornerstone Alliance, Inc.  It is hoped that the final details for this arrangement can be finalized within the next several weeks.  It is St. Rita’s desire that this arrangement can be initiated in a manner as to avoid any disruption in participation in your current payer arrangements and with minimal effort on your part.  As soon as specifics can be shared with your office the necessary information will be shared. 

Harold L. Bischoff, FACHE
Cornerstone Alliance, Inc.
Mercy Health
2615 Fort Amanda Road, Suite B
Lima, OH 45804
Office Phone: 419-996-5317
Office Fax: 419-226-9889

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Welcome to Cornerstone Alliance, Inc. Physician-Hospital Organization

Established in 1996, Cornerstone Alliance, Inc. Physician-Hospital Organization (PHO) was developed by the West Central Ohio Primary Care Physicians and St. Rita’s Medical Center to ease the transition for area providers into a healthcare landscape dominated by managed care entities.

Cornerstone PHO has over 500 participating providers and continues to grow. Our mission is to ensure that current and future residents in our Primary Service Area are able to receive health care locally, with good access, competence and affordability.